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Re: Soldering tips?

Thu Oct 22, 2015 11:26 pm

A "hoof" or bevel tip is really useful for surface mount soldering. If you are using a milled PCB or home-made PCB, definitely pre-tin the pads.
Buying a syringe full of flux from digikey is a great investment. You'll pretty much need a microscope or some sort of magnifier, which is a bit of an investment. But I'm sure your local hackerspace has one!

With a flat tip and flux, you can pull off stuff like this:

Other people have mentioned, but generally, aligning the module, holding it down with a piece of tape, and soldering one pad at each of the corners first is a good way to get it anchored, the fill in all the other pins.

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Re: Soldering tips?

Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:26 pm

I was having trouble with the USB connection, it would drop and Windows with scream. I checked the solder job on my WiFiMCU:
[img]aaes.us/1202_1.jpg[/img] since the img link doesn't work http://aaes.us/1202_1.jpg

How it got out the door at the manufacture is beyond me.... Close is only good with horse shoes.

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