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Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:59 pm

Hello everyone,

Last week i got frustrated about an esp8266 and started searching for an alternative. I came across the EMW3162 and ordered it without any research. I was working with a stm32f103 and the f205 seems nice because i wanted usb otg for my project.

After reading some documents from mxchip it felt like the chip was going to be a pain in the ass but them this forum showed up.

I'm used to program the f103 with just a usb->serial converter because stm's come with an bootloader. So i fought it would be possible on the EMW3162 too. After bending some header pins to get it to my breadboard and soldering it i downloaded the github repository.
I unzip the wiced download into the repository and copied the EMW3162 files into platforms.

Right now i can build the snip/apsta with the command "make snip.apsta-EMW3162".
It generates 2 directory's in the build directory: waf_bootloader-NoOS-NoNS-EMW3162-SDIO and snip_apsta-EMW3162
I flashed with the flash_loader_demo_v2.8.0 from stm.
waf_bootloader-NoOS-NoNS-EMW3162-SDIO to 8000000
snip_apsta-EMW3162 to 800c000

RIght now the program is running, i get a lot of crap over UART and "Ping failed"
So at least the program is running.

After flashin dct.bin to 800400 it worked fine.

From what i saw you guys are only working on linux with the EMW316x?
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Re: EMW3162

Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:12 pm

Well, being a Linux guy myself, I've not worked on supporting Windows. I'll accept any patches that make the project Windows compatible and am willing to help on the chat channel for the project to try to get it to work on Windows.
However, after going through some debugging with people in the chatroom, getting OpenOCD to work on Windows seems to be an issue, but building on Windows should work via Cygwin.
Setting up a small virtual machine for developing with WICED might be preferable to going through the headache of libusb, openocd, etc on Windows.

Both EMW3165 and EMW3162 are rather handy and easy to work with when you have your environment up and running.
Maintainer of the EMW3162 and EMW3165 port of Broadcom WICED.
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