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Contiki + EMW3165

Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:31 pm

Is is possible to use contiki on emw3165 for Internet of Things(implementation) ?

I am new to this and the SoC itself is new .
Has anyone tried it yet?
Or atleast used emw3165 for a mini-project/project/DIY ?
There is a shortage of breakout boards for emw3165 , has anyone found a good board?


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Re: Contiki + EMW3165

Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:07 pm

Hi cvjoy!

At this point, the only confirmed working project for this module is the WiFiMCU project. Terryoy has a post about it here:

The module he is using is developed by DoIT and is for sale on their website as well as Aliexpress. I highly recommend it - it looks promising. I ordered a bunch of them but haven't arrived yet. More info in this post:

As for Contiki, I am not very familiar with this project, however it looks like there is support for an STM32 mcu (that's the base of EMW3165 module) however all the links on the project webpage to the STM related pages are broken so I can't find out more about it without digging deeper. MXCHIP has what appears to be a similar project called MiCO which was developed for use with this module, and is what the WiFiMCU project is built on top of, however the downside of using MiCO right now is that it cannot be compiled with GCC. Based on the last estimate from MXCHIP's sales rep, MiCO porting to GCC is still ~2 weeks away from being released. Until then, you'll need IAR Embedded Workbench or Kiel to compile the project.

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Re: Contiki + EMW3165

Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:57 pm

Thank you admin, for taking a look.

Contiki is an operating system developed for resource constrained hardware. This is similar to RTOS such as TinyOS, Riot, etc.
It was developed specially to cater to IoT paradigm with support for IPv6 and things like that.
Its wiki page and github tends to have more information than their website itself :)

Thanks again for clearing up WifiMCu and MICO for me was bit confused :roll: as to what that was .

Will take a look on the links you gave . :)

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