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EMW3165 Datasheet

Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:15 am

MXCHIP has two versions of the datasheet for the module available on their website:

1) Version 1.0, Released on 26 January 2015, in English: http://www.mxchip.com/d/file/2015-03-17/6708fe2d5435a7980a78e66aec369e51.pdf
2) Version 1.1, Released on 5 July 2015, is only available in Chinese: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1mgxhhmo

Looking through the versions, it appears that the latest revision contains additional detail in regards to the antenna (section 5) as well as inserting two new sections with sample schematics of applications before the sales contact info. Hopefully an English version will be released soon.

Also worth mentioning is that there is an index for datasheets and design documents on MXCHIP's Chinese (haven't found a similar page on the English version of the website yet). This will probably be a good place to check for updates and release of new materials: http://www.mxchip.com/wireless/downloadcenter/wifi/32.html

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Re: EMW3165 Datasheet

Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:43 pm

I'm not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but somewhere in the middle of that Chinese document is a link to this document

http://www.joinmx.com/uploadfiles/soft/ ... U_V4_1.pdf

Which is mentioned as pre-build in the first version but seems very detailed now (not sure if it was before), but it is all in English and doesn't mention being a pre build anywhere. The page with the document link google translates to:

Note 1. The design PIN10, PIN39, PIN40 required to take VDD 3V3 power, PIN20, PIN21 are grounded;
2. PIN8, PIN12 only be used as a secondary burning, ATE and self Mai QC testing;
3. PIN29, PIN30 as the user transparent transmission of serial communication, Zhong into bootloader mode;
4. S represents the power supply voltage pin, I represent the input pins, I / O represents input and output pins;
5. FT as the highest input voltage 5V, when configured as an analog input / output ring clock oscillation circuit Ji exceed the maximum voltage VCC.
6. TC shows a conventional input / output voltage of 3.6V;
7.4 ~ 7 pins Ji other interfaces that can be used right foot, right foot because it has been used SPI1-chip flash interfaces;
8. With SWD (25,26 Interface) instead of JTAG debug / download firmware;
9. "√" indicates that the user can use the pin, "×" indicates that the user Ji available pins, including two serial ports, all the way SPI
10. Other function pins consult STM32F411xE instructions;
Developers to develop applications on MICO system can be customized to modify the pin definitions EMW3165 the ring.
Except by the Company developed firmware pin definitions, specifically refer to the user manual firmware.
http://www.joinmx.com/uploadfiles/soft/ ... U_V4_1.pdf

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